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ISI Provides Expert Service for Backflow Applications

Backflow CalibrationBackflow testing and recertification for municipal and other governmental requirements are central product and service areas for us at ISI. We are a sales, service center, and stocking distributor for Mid West Instrument which is the leading manufacturer of backflow testing equipment.

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For the past 30 years Mid-West Instrument has been producing Quality Backflow Test Kits that have set the standard in the industry. Our Model 830 has been the benchmark of the industry for decades.

Constant input from field testers led to refinements such as inline filters, laminated test procedures, removable lids, soft seated needle valves & line pressure gauges.

Repair & Re-Certification Price List For Mid-West Instrument Model 830, 835, 845 & non-Mid-West Instrument Units

Note: Mid-West provides a 5 year warranty from date of manufacture. Filters must be in the unit when received or warranty will be void. Conbraco's warranty is 1 year from release to field.

Services and Pricing

Verify instrument is in calibration, affix calibration certification label, provide calibration certificate and issue test report with gauge reading.

Minor repairs /cleaning to correct any minor problems found which limits ability to calibrate.

Includes Re-certification. Requiring (any or all) cleaning, recalibration, lens, fitting and or valve replacement, etc.

For 830/845 Includes Re-certification. Standard repair plus diaphragm replacement. Includes diaphragm.

Average turn around is 1 working day for re-certification only. Standard and Major Repairs average 2-4 working days. Please add $15.00 for return shipping and handling. Call 407.324.7800.

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