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AUMA Advancements in the Water & Wastewater Industry


AUMA actuation solutions are used for open/close valve applications to divert flow to respond to the water treatment plant requirements and perform flow control duties to operate the valve. In modulating applications, the actuator precisely controls the flow to adjust the amount of medium passing through the valve into or out of the treatment plant.

Actuators consist of a motor driving onto a worm gearbox which provides the output torque required to move a valve. In short, they're electronically powered devices that convert a control signal into a rotary or linear movement that changes the flow of fluid via a valve unit. While they don't grab the limelight, electric actuators as geared motors for remote control of valves remain crucial to water and wastewater applications.

Leading the Effort for Automation of Electric Actuators in Water Treatment

AUMA continues to change the face of the water treatment sector through digitalization, advancements in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), efficiency tools, and superior product design. Industry-leading products like the AUMA Cloud, AUMA Assistant App, and AUMA submersible actuators with advanced diagnostic functions.

AUMA Cloud - Cost-Effective Asset Management and Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance

AUMA Cloud is a free, secure, and easy-to-use interactive web application that collects and interprets detailed device information on all AUMA actuators in a plant. The AUMA Cloud allows plant operators to detect excessive loads or other problems early and take remedial action in time to prevent potential failures. AUMA Cloud analyzes the data and presents the results clearly so that plant owners and operators can take full advantage of the information and instantly see an overview of the condition of their actuators and valves. Valve load and maintenance are planned based on real-time operating conditions. When a detailed analysis is required, actuator data is immediately shared from the Cloud to AUMA Service for remote diagnostics. With AUMA Cloud, service and maintenance cost is significantly reduced compared to on-site service.


AUMA Assistant App - Quick & Easy Setting, Comprehensive Diagnostics, Data Cloud Storage, Fast Support, Documents at Your Fingertips

The AUMA Assistant APP allows easy commissioning and maintenance of your AUMA actuators. In addition, the App offers comprehensive configuration and diagnostic facilities, simple and fast via smartphone or tablet, as well as download of actuator documentation.


Electric Actuators for Continuous Underwater Use

A significant advance for the water industry is AUMA's watertight, submersible actuators. Intended for use on water supply, hydropower plants, civil engineering construction for water applications, and specific underwater applications, where both water supply and sewer pipes are underground. The actuators and valves operate in pits below ground level and where high water levels are a permanent risk and will operate reliably, even if flooding persists.


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