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Advance your Instrumentation Applications With Industry Leading Process Instrumentation

ISI Technial Group has specialized in delivering leading instrumentation technologies to industrial processing operations since 1968. Our state-of-the-art flow, level and pressure measurement devices, as well as our analytical, temperature and instrumentation accessories, from trusted manufacturers are designed to meet stringent accuracy standards and to perform reliably in demanding industrial environments. Accutech Instrumentation consultants are ready to assist industry stakeholders identify instrumentation solutions that will advance their plant efficiencies, safety and environmental impact.

Teledyne ISCO

Teledyne ISCO is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of ​innovative products designed to increase productivity while improving the quality of life on our planet. Our standard and customized products are used across multiple sectors including: water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, academia, oil exploration, and reactant feed.​​


ISI understands how critical flow management is to optimizing process efficiencies. Our team of instrumentation experts will help you select flow meter technologies ­– whether they are advanced digital technologies or traditional mechanical meters ­– to match accuracy and performance expectations with your application requirements. Our vast experience in aerospace, chemical, power generation, water treatment, food manufacturing and paper mill processes ensures your flow management solution provides reliable, accurate performance for years to come.

Backflow Testing & Reporting

The most important benefit of regular backflow testing is it helps in preventing water contamination. Backflow can allow dangerous pollutants and contaminants to flow back into the water supply.

Boiler Trim & Safety

ISI offers a variety of Boiler Trim and Safety products. Our water columns and components are designed and manufactured in total compliance with ASME Boiler Code provisions. Of special importance, all steel water columns are welded according to specific ASME code provisions and procedures, Water columns and components such as gauges and valves are hydrostatically tested to 150% of design pressure.

Valves and Actuation

ISI offers valve and actuation solutions to measure and control your critical pressure, temperature, level, flow and analytical process parameters. Our valve offering includes manual and automated ball, butterfly, globe and plug valve designs.


Fiberglass Products

We provide solutions to open channel flow problems for customers throughout the U.S. and around the world. Our fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) are engineered for a wide range of corrosive and abusive environments and are intended to save our customers both time and money.

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ISI has developed an extensive product offering through partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. With extensive experience in instrumentation applications, count on us to meet your needs while improving your facility’s operation and efficiency.